Corporate Yoga as performance triger

Like most natural therapies, shiatsu is based on the assumption that the human body is self-healing and that the role of the practitioner is to aid and support that naturally occurring process.

In practice, the thumbs, palms, elbows, knees and feet are used to apply pressure to the body’s meridians in a method that connects to the patient’s own healing powers in order to restore balance in the body. Pressure can be gentle or firm, depending on the condition of the person being treated. Flowing stretches and gentle rotations of the limbs and joints, as well as simple structural alignments and muscle release techniques are also used to the same effect.

The person receiving shiatsu remains clothed and generally covered by a sheet and treatment takes place on a futon on the floor.

On a physical level, shiatsu stimulates circulation and the flow of lymphatic fluid. It also works on the autonomic nervous system, helps to release toxins and deep-seated tension from the muscles, and stimulate the hormonal system.

On a subtler level, shiatsu allows the receiver to deeply relax, stimulating the body’s inherent ability for self healing and regeneration.

At Yoga About You, we bolster the effectiveness of shiatsu by providing recommendations regarding diet, yoga and exercise as part of an overall treatment regime.

Shiatsu sessions are 90 minutes.

Price: $175
Location: Northern Beaches

Corporate Yoga as performance triger